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Have a Homeschooler Interested in Blacksmithing?

Brown County Forge - Blacksmith Home School Group

Finding good, organized information about blacksmithing at home can be tricky.

My mission since January 2016 has been to provide tips, resources, and high quality instruction to anyone interested in pursuing blacksmithing.

I’m Terran Marks and I’m the owner of Brown County Forge. Teaching people to blacksmith has been my focus for almost a decade.

Blacksmithing Education Tailored to Homeschoolers

The Mr Rogers of Blacksmithing - Terran Marks
Terran Marks – Blacksmithing Instructor

I’ve had the privilege of teaching over 1300 blacksmithing beginners in my in-person and online classes over the years.

My goal with the Blacksmith Home School Group is two-fold:

  1. Providing you, the parent, with high-quality information and expert home blacksmithing advice.
  2. Offering access to tailored online training based on your feedback. It helps me improve the courses and is always welcome.

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