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In beautiful Bloomington, Indiana.

Terran Marks - Brown County Forge

I’m Terran Marks, the blacksmith at Brown County Forge. I teach blacksmithing classes and I hand-forge rustic hardware for the home.

Browse some examples of my work below and check out what we’re up to at the forge on Facebook!

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Oar Hooks - Brown County Forge

Oar Hooks

Blacksmith Shop Hardware - Brown County Forge - Terran Marks

Rustic Hardware

Large Hand-forged Brackets

Large Riveted Wall Brackets

Fire Rake With Scroll Twist and Leaf Accent

Fire Rake with Leaf Accent, Twist, and Scrollwork

Low Profile Coat Rack

Low Profile Coat Rack

Hammered Hooks

Hand-hammered Hooks

Brown County Forge sells hand-crafted ironwork on Etsy.

Interested in a Class? Check out our Classes page.

email: browncountyforge@gmail.com