Welcome to Brown County Forge

Welcome to Brown County Forge - Terran Marks Blacksmith

Welcome to Brown County Forge

At Brown County Forge, blacksmith Terran Marks makes hand-crafted ironwork and teaches blacksmith classes.

See some examples of Terran’s work below and on the Portfolio page.

Blacksmith Shop Hardware - Brown County Forge - Terran Marks

Rustic Hardware

From fire pokers to box hinges to door handles, all of the hardware from the shop has a distinct, rustic look. Each piece is buffed, smoothed, and sealed against moisture, but they all have that hammered, fresh from the forge look.

Custom ironwork is available by request: browncountyforge@gmail.com

Blacksmithing Classes in Indiana

Brown County Forge - Blacksmithing Classes

We offer hands-on blacksmithing classes at the shop in Bloomington, Indiana.

Our focus is on taking complete beginners and coaching them through their first knife and ironwork projects.

Book a Class

Anvils and Anvil Pricing

Anvil Price - Brown County Forge

Curious about anvil prices?

We update the Anvil Pricing page regularly with current pricing on a variety of anvils.

Learn how we think about pricing anvils in general and where to get a good deal.

Forge Pricing

How much does a forge cost? In this post, we lay out current prices for forges we’ve used and recommend.