Welcome to Brown County Forge

Welcome to Brown County Forge!

Brown County Forge - Blacksmithing Classes

Blacksmithing Classes + Handmade Hardware

611 W. 11th Street, Bay 18

Bloomington, Indiana 47404

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At Brown County Forge, blacksmith Terran Marks makes hand-crafted ironwork, teaches blacksmith classes, sells coal, and writes books.

Browse some examples of Terran’s work below and on the Portfolio page.

Fire Pit Poker Anvil - Brown County Forge copy

Fire Pokers

Terran makes fire pit pokers, fireplace tools, and short pokers for wood stoves and camp stoves. All by hand with a hammer and anvil the traditional way.

Oar Hooks - Brown County Forge

Oar Hooks

He also makes a variety of different decorative wall hooks by hand. One of his most popular styles is the 2-inch wide oar hook. Customers from around the world rely on his hooks to hold up their antique oars and boat paddles.

Blacksmith Shop Hardware - Brown County Forge - Terran Marks

Rustic Hardware

From fire pokers to box hinges to door handles, all of the hardware from the shop has a distinct, rustic look. Each piece is buffed, smoothed, and sealed against moisture, but they all have that hammered, fresh from the forge look.

Large Hand-forged Brackets

Large Riveted Wall Brackets

These wall brackets were commissioned in 2012 by a customer in North Carolina for her mountain cabin. Forged and riveted to make a matching set of 12.

Hammered Hooks

Hand-hammered Hooks

The calling card of the forge! Terran has been forging hooks by hand since the beginning (way back in 2011). Available in all different sizes and finishes to suit your home decor.

Handmade hardware and custom ironwork Available by Request: browncountyforge@gmail.com

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