Welcome to Brown County Forge

Welcome to Brown County Forge - Terran Marks Blacksmith

Welcome to Brown County Forge

At Brown County Forge, blacksmith Terran Marks makes hand-crafted ironwork and teaches blacksmith classes.

See some examples of Terran’s work below and on the Portfolio page.

Blacksmith Shop Hardware - Brown County Forge - Terran Marks

Rustic Hardware

From fire pokers to box hinges to door handles, all of the hardware from the shop has a distinct, rustic look. Each piece is buffed, smoothed, and sealed against moisture, but they all have that hammered, fresh from the forge look.

Handmade hardware and custom ironwork are available by request: browncountyforge@gmail.com

Blacksmithing Classes in Indiana

Brown County Forge - Blacksmithing Classes

We offer hands-on blacksmithing classes at the shop in Bloomington, Indiana.

Our focus is on taking complete beginners and coaching them through their first knife and hardware projects.

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Home Forge Kits

Two Burner Knifemaker Economy Gas Forge Review - Majestic Forge - Brown County Forge
Majestic Forge – Two Burner

You can put together a great blacksmith starter kit for less money than you might think.

If you’re interested, we offer a guide on this page: Blacksmith Starter Kits.

We’ll also work with you to put together a done-for-you kit and have it shipped directly to you.

Anvils and Anvil Pricing

Anvil Price - Brown County Forge

Curious about anvil prices?

We update the Anvil Pricing page regularly with current pricing on a variety of anvils.

Learn how we think about pricing anvils in general and where to get a good deal.

Forge Pricing

How much does a forge cost? In this post, we lay out current prices for forges we’ve used and recommend.

Online Blacksmith Classes for Kids

Free Online Blacksmithing Course

We created BlacksmithHomeSchool.com at the request of parents looking for online blacksmithing training for their kids.

  • Safety-focused, easy-to-follow lessons
  • Quizzes to test comprehension
  • Encouragement to get hands-on at home

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