About Brown County Forge

Welcome to Brown County Forge - Terran Marks Blacksmith

Terran Marks opened Brown County Forge for business in November of 2015. Here’s a little bit about Brown County Forge and how it got started.

After learning to blacksmith at the John C. Campbell Folk School in 2011, Terran practiced the trade during his off-seasons from fighting wildfires for the U.S. Forest Service.

In 2014, Terran decided that 2015 would be his final fire season and he would devote his time and effort to blacksmithing.

He saved up his 2015 fire pay, moved back home to Indiana from the Pacific Northwest, and purchased the equipment he needed.

Giving himself 9 months to figure the business out (whether it could support itself or not), he dove right in.

8 years later…

Over 1300 students have successfully completed their first blacksmithing projects at Brown County Forge.

We offer small, in-person blacksmithing classes to anyone with the desire to learn.

Classes are held at:

611 W. 11th Street

Bloomington, IN 47404

Learn more about classes here

Want to Contact the Forge?

You can email Terran directly here:


You can contact Brown County Forge’s blacksmith with any blacksmithing questions you might have, check out the Classes page to schedule a class, or visit the Shop for your very own hand forged hardware.