What to Bring

  • Water is recommended especially during the summer. The shop doesn’t have air conditioning and we’re generating even more heat from the forge.
  • Snacks are good, too if you’re not used to swinging a hammer for long periods.

What to Wear

  • Clothes should be made of all-natural fibers. This includes jeans, cotton, wool, etc. Polyester fleece and nylon melt when they come into contact with heat. This can be disastrous.
  • Closed-toe shoes or boots ideally made out of leather or canvas. Work boots, Chuck Taylors, and similar types of shoes all work great.

What is Provided?

  • All safety equipment. This includes ear protection, eye protection, and gloves if needed.
  • All forging equipment. Each student will have their own anvil and tools to use.
  • I will have a standard release of liability/accident waiver for each student to sign before we start forging.

How Do I Get There?

The forge is located at 1609 S. Rogers in Bloomington, Indiana. When you’re driving down South Rogers, you will pass The Warehouse on your left. Ours is the next left turn and looks like this:

How to get to Brown County Forge

Drive past the first building and you will see 4 large bay doors with a Burl & Ingot sign. The entrance to the building is between the two sets of bay doors.

Burl & Ingot Workshops

If you have questions, email Terran at browncountyforge@gmail.com.

Thank you!