COVID-19 Safety Measures

Terran the Blacksmith - Brown County Forge

Hi there! I’m Terran Marks, the owner of Brown County Forge.

At the best of times, blacksmithing is an inherently dangerous activity. With COVID-19 we’re adding another element to the mix.

What follows is a summary of what I’m doing at the shop to keep it as safe as possible.

The following COVID-19 safety measures apply to Classes and general visitors:

  1. Maintain 6 feet of distance between everyone in the shop.
    • White markings have been placed on the floor at 6-foot intervals.
    • Social Distancing at Brown County Forge
  2. Bring your own PPE if possible.
    • I will disinfect my stock of safety glasses after each use. I will always have disposable ear plugs available. I have many pairs of leather gloves, but recommend you bring your own.
    • Links to Recommended PPE are available at the bottom of this page.
  3. Masks are encouraged for peace of mind as much as health.
  4. Instead of shaking hands, I’ll be greeting you with a friendly smile and a wave.
    • This is a tough one since I enjoy greeting people, but it’s important.
  5. If you feel ill within 14 days of the class, please contact me to reschedule.
    1. This means that you should have no symptoms of any illness inside of 14 days before class.
    2. If in doubt, follow CDC guidelines.

Recommended PPE

Safety glasses are top priority in the shop to protect eyes from fast-moving pieces of metal, dust, and sparks. 3M makes my personal favorite linked below:

Leather gloves are optional, but can be helpful protection against heat, sparks, and sharing hammers and tongs. I prefer Wells Lamont, but any all-leather glove will do the trick.

Have a Question?

I can be reached at Wednesday through Sunday if you have any questions.

Thanks and See You Soon!