Indiana Sword Maker Seeking Apprentices

Krieger Armory Is Seeking Sword Making Apprentices

Krieger Armory - Indiana HEMA Sword Maker

Krieger Armory, an Indiana sword maker, is seeking apprentices interested in technical swordmaking.

The armory is located next door to Brown County Forge northwest of downtown Bloomington.

Shawn Krieger, the owner, is a fabricator and provider of high quality HEMA* swords.

*The HEMA acronym stands for Historical European Martial Arts.

Attention to Detail Required

Shawn Krieger - HEMA Sword Maker

Each HEMA sword or feder that Krieger produces follows strict specifications including:

  • Overall length dictated by its end use in combat.
  • Flexibility over the length of the blade with a focus on distal taper.
  • Hand-wrapped cord handles.

All skills required in sword making can be taught to a motivated apprentice. No prior experience is necessary.

If interested, contact Shawn Krieger directly at:

Work Your Way Toward An Hourly Rate

Apprenticeships at Krieger Armory start as unpaid learning opportunities with the full intention to transition to paid work.

Krieger Armory is growing quickly and is excited about employing multiple makers in their Bloomington shop.

More About Krieger Armory Swords

Krieger Armory Swords are Tournament-Approved

All swords are ground by hand with the assistance of belt grinders.

You can see Shawn using the shop’s Origin Blade Maker belt grinder to fine tune a sword in the photo above.

This is a good opportunity learn how industrial-grade grinders work.

Also a great opportunity to get a deep understanding of sword and blade anatomy.

Contact Krieger Armory for Apprenticeship Details

Full details are available from Krieger Armory.

You can contact Shawn here: