Class Cancellation and Reschedule Policy

Class Rescheduling

Note: This page may be updated at any time without notice.

Ideally, we will be able to work together to reschedule your class.

In order to do this well, I require at least two weeks (14 days) notice.

This makes it possible to:

  1. Provide you with the best options available for reschedule.
  2. Fill your vacated spot(s).

If that minimum of 14 days is not provided, it prevents others from booking the class and results in financial loss to Brown County Forge.

In those cases, the lesser of either:

a) A rescheduling fee of 25% of your class fee or

b) $100 will be applied.


You booked two spots in the Blacksmithing Basics Class for a total of $240.

You need to reschedule, but you missed the deadline and your class date is just a few days away.

Your rescheduling fee will be $240 x 0.25 = $60.

Cancelling a Class Outright

Cancelling a class is considered a last resort and generally applied to situations like these:

  • Overwhelming, unexpected illness (please don’t come to class sick)
  • Unexpected moves/reassignments (generally applies to military personnel and their families)
  • Work-related scheduling conflicts (we will attempt a reschedule first)

There is NO fee for cancellations made 3 weeks before the class date.

That three weeks is plenty of time to fill your vacated spot(s). There is an additional grace period between 3 and 2 weeks out.

Inside of 2 weeks (14 days), a Cancellation Fee of 50% will be assessed to compensate for lost time and revenue.


You booked two spots in the Knife Making Fundamentals Class for $480.

You decide to cancel your class with just 10 days to go.

After your Cancellation Fee, your refund would be:

$480 – $240 = $240.

No-Show Policy

If you do not contact about a Reschedule or Cancellation and do not show up for your class, your class fee is forfeited.

This is a rare occurrence, but it should be clear that by signing up for a class:

  • You are committing to show up for class just as you would for a concert, plane flight, or other prepaid event.
  • By not showing up and not contacting us, you are placing us in a position of not being able to fill your suddenly vacated spot. This negatively impacts the students on the class waiting list as well as Brown County Forge.

Extenuating Circumstances

There may be extenuating circumstances. If that is the case, contact us at as soon as you can to discuss options.