Fire Pokers

Fire Pokers – Made by Hand

Fire Poker with a Twist Handle - Brown County Forge

Fire pokers – one of the oldest tools known to man.

Whether you’re pushing logs around your backyard fire pit or spreading coals in your tent stove, you need a fire poker.

  • Each fire poker that comes out of the shop at Brown County Forge is made by hand using a hammer and anvil.
  • We heat the steel to almost 2000 degrees and hammer it into shape.
  • You have your choice of traditional beeswax finish or a rustproof black finish like the poker below.

Fire Pit Poker Anvil - Brown County Forge copy

Fire Pit Poker

Need a long poker?

We custom make heavy duty fire pit pokers for backyard use.

They can come in a few sizes:

  • 36 inch fire pit poker
  • 48 inch fire pit poker
  • 60 inch fire pit poker

Instead of using 3/8″ square steel, we forge our heavy duty pokers out of 1/2″.

This gives them plenty of strength, but keeps them manageable with both hands.

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Note: Shipping in the US is always free via the United States Postal Service. If you prefer FedEx or UPS, we can include an estimate in your quote.

Custom Fireplace Tools

Need a fireplace tool set?

We make shovels, rakes, and brooms.

Custom Fireplace Tools - Brown County Forge
Shovel and Fire Rake Pair
Custom Fireplace Broom - Brown County Forge
Fireplace Broom with Twist Handle

See Our Wood Stove and Camp Stove Pokers

Interested in something a little shorter?

We make fire pokers under 20 inches long with the same twists and scrolls you see above.

They’re available on here:

The wood stove and camp stove pokers can be made with a straight tip or with a slight curve for pulling on logs.

You can see examples of the curved tip below:

Tent Fire Poker Anvil Vertical - Brown County Forge copy

Need a Custom Fireplace Tool Set or Custom Fire Poker?

We would be happy to talk with you about it.

Send us a short email with:

  • How long you’d like the poker to be.
  • Any special features you’d like.
  • Your name and approximate US location.

We’ll email you back with a tiered quote based on the fireplace tool’s features.

This tiered quote will provide various options from a simple poker to something more elaborate.