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Hands-on Blacksmith Classes in Indiana.

Knife making classes and Beginners classes available. Scroll down for details.

Brown County Forge Classes - Bloomington Indiana

Blacksmith classes are held on-site at Brown County Forge:

611 W. 11th Street, Bloomington, IN 47404


Beginner Blacksmithing Classes - Indiana - Brown County Forge
Fire pokers with twists.

This is a 2-3 hour class covering the blacksmithing skills of drawing out, upsetting, bending, quenching, and scrolling.

Students hand-forge a project to take home. Past projects have been fire pokers, wall hooks, S hooks, bottle openers, and keychains.

  • Great for Birthdays, Father’s Day, Bachelor Parties, and Christmas Gifts!

See what past students have to say about Brown County Forge on the Reviews Page.


Time:   2 PM – 5 PM (single session – dates below)

Size:   1 – 4 people

Cost:   $120 per person

2020 Dates

February: All Dates Reserved.

March: Spring Break Dates – 3, 5 (3 spots left), 10, 24, 31

April: All Dates Reserved.

May: 17 (2 spots left), 24, 31 (3 spots left)

June: 7 (3 spots left), 14, 28

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Find out what taking a class at Brown County Forge is like here.



(Our Most Popular Class)

Blacksmithing Classes - Blade smithing Classes Indianapolis

“This is awesome!” – Alex S.

  • In the knife making class, we go through the process of hand-forging blades. 
  • You will start with raw material (railroad spikes) and hammer out a knife you designed.
  • Important: You don’t need past experience to forge a knife of your own.

      In class, you will learn:

          • How to forge a knife from start to finish
          • Techniques in blacksmithing
          • When to Harden Steel
          • Why and How to Quench
          • The Purpose of Tempering
          • How to Grind Knife Profiles
          • Hand-sharpening techniques

      You will leave the class with a knife you forged

      Railroad Spike Knife - Brown County Forge

      You can see photos of hundreds of student projects on our Facebook Page:
      See what past students have to say about Brown County Forge and Terran Marks as an instructor on the Reviews Page.


      Time:   2 PM – 6 PM (single session  – dates below)

      Size:   1 – 3 people

      Cost:   $220 per person

      2020 Dates

      February: All Dates Reserved.

      March21 (1 spot left); Spring Break Dates – 12, 19, 26

      April: All Dates Reserved.

      May: 16, 23 (1 spot left), 30 (1 spot left)

      June: 6, 13, 20, 27

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      Where are Blacksmith Classes Held?

      Blacksmith Classes are held at:

      Brown County Forge

      611 W. 11th Street

      Bay 18

      Bloomington, Indiana 47404



      • Is there an age limit at Brown County Forge?

      All students must be at least 14 years old with a parent or guardian present.

      • Can I book a weekday class?

      Sometimes weekends get busy! If you’d like to secure an appointment during the week, it’s as simple as:

      1. Sending an email to:

      We can talk about available dates and get you swinging hammers in no time!

      • Will I be able to complete the project?

      Yes! Every student completes their project by the end of class.

      Terran has taught hundreds of people how to do this with a 100% success rate.  

      Your finished project will be both functional and it’ll look good!

      Legal Details and Age Requirements

      Accident Waiver and Release of Liability

      A signed accident and liability waiver is required before forging. Forms are provided when you arrive at the shop.

      Age Requirements

      If you are under 18, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Your parent or guardian is not required to take the class with you, but they must stay on-site.

      Minimum age is 14 years old.

      Cancellation and Refund Policy

      Let’s work together to reschedule a class!

      Contact me here to reschedule:

      If you have to cancel please do it at least 2 weeks before your class date. This allows me time to fill your spot(s). 

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