How Much Does a Forge Cost?

How Much Does a Forge Cost - Brown County Forge 2

One of the first questions that comes up for new blacksmiths is “How much does a forge cost?”

Saying it “depends” doesn’t quite cut it, so in this post I’ll lay out all the information you’ll need.

How Much Does a Forge Cost?

DIY Coal Forges

Coal forges are generally the easiest to build. For that reason they can be the cheapest.

At a bare minimum, here is what you would need to find or buy for a DIY coal forge:

  1. A solid steel basin – Can be an old sink, lawn mower deck, charcoal grill, etc.
  2. Black piping (non-galvanized) to direct your airflow.
  3. A grate to keep the coal from falling into the pipe.
  4. Some sort of blower. This can be a hair dryer or an exhaust fan. I don’t recommend a leaf blower as these are usually too powerful.
  5. Coal.

All of the things on that list can be found for next-to-nothing.

Manufactured Coal Forges

The Centaur Handy Forge with Vulcan Firepot has everything above in a much more refined form.

It will run you $682 with $13.95 shipping within the continental U.S.

It is sold by

Another example of forge pricing is the DIY Coal Forge Set from Blacksmith’s Depot. You put it together and it costs $585.

It doesn’t include a table or cart.

Gas Forges

There are three main manufacturers of gas forges I recommend to my students.

  1. Majestic Forge
  2. NC Tool Co
  3. Forgemaster

I recommend these three because I’ve owned and used all three of them for years.

They have all been battle-tested by hundreds of blacksmiths who will swear by them.

Majestic Forge

How Much Does a Forge Cost - Brown County Forge

The forge I use most in the shop is a Majestic Knifemaker Economy Forge (pictured above).

It has two burners that feed into a compact firebox.

It cost $325 plus $52ish to ship from Ohio.

For a beginner, this is a great forge that will last you a long, long time.

NC Tool Company Forges

The first forge I ever owned was a two-burner NC Tool Company Forge.

I loved it.

It traveled all around the country with me while I was still fighting wildfires for the Forest Service.

The model I had cost me $240 used.

A similar model today will run you $575 plus $13.95 flat rate shipping.

You can find NC Tool Company Forges here:

Forgemaster Forges

Forgemaster Forges - Brown County Forge

The big beast in my shop is a two burner Forgemaster forge.

It has a front bay door and two side ports so you have a lot of options for piece size and length.

It also has dual valve controls for the burners so you can direct where your heat is.

It’s retail price is $860. with $13.95 flat rate shipping from Centaur Forge.

If you’re just starting out, there’s no need to go this big.

There’s no need to spend that much money on a forge at all.

You can have a very long, successful career as a blacksmith with an economy-sized Majestic like the one I use every day.

What Factors Should I Consider?

When you’re buying a forge, you should keep these things in mind:

  • What am I going to forge most often? Size, length, carbon content, etc.
  • How much fuel do I plan to use? More burners equals more fuel.
  • How much can I afford right now? Probably the most important factor. The most common piece of advice I give is to work your way up.

In Conclusion

Forges can cost anywhere from zero dollars if you’re scrappy to over one thousand dollars.

The whole range is available on a handful of websites:

Compare prices and shipping packages across all of them.

If you’re interested, you can also save time and money by picking up a copy of the book I wrote on the subject:

The 2019 Anvil and Forge Buying Guide

2019 Anvil and Forge Buying Guide Cover