Custom Metal Church Signs

Custom Metal Church Signs - Brown County Forge

We make custom metal church signs!

Need a beautiful, durable metal sign for your place of worship?

Our Custom Metal Church Signs

Each sign starts off with a design.

This can be as simple as a drawing on a piece of paper or the back of a napkin.

Terran, the owner of Brown County Forge, is happy to convert your drawing into a digital file.

St. John's Episcopal Church Sign Example - Brown County Forge - Indiana

Next, we take the design and create a cost estimate based on:

  • The type of metal.
  • The complexity of the design.
  • The size of the sign.

Once we agree on the estimate, the digital sign file is transferred to the plasma cutting machine to cut out the sign.

We start the finishing process after your sign is cut.

We want to b sure all sharp and rough edges are softened.

At this point we also add any holes for mounting hardware.

What Are The Signs Made Out Of?

Stainless Steel Modern Metal Numbers - Brown County Forge

We recommend stainless steel for indoor and outdoor signs.

Stainless holds up against humidity much better than standard steel.

Moisture and humidity can be a real issue here in Indiana.

Even though the signs are made out of steel, they are not incredibly heavy.

Because they are made out of steel, we can make them thin to reduce the overall weight.

How Fancy Can the Sign Be?

We can do quite a bit with steel, but here are some good guidelines for sign design:

  • Block letters are easier to make and read than script.
  • Simple, clear shapes come out better than wavy lines and small details.
  • Bigger is better for outdoor signs.

How Much Does a Custom Metal Church Sign Cost?

Stainless steel is very durable due to its high chromium content and resistance to corrosion.

As a result, it tends to be more expensive than standard steel.

With this in mind, a sign that is 1 foot by 2 feet with simple lettering and design will cost $395.

The final price depends on the size and complexity of the sign.

How Long Does It Take to Make It?

The turnaround time on a sign is usually pretty quick.

Please plan on about two weeks once your design is set and the deposit is made.

Will It Be Delivered or Shipped?

We like to focus on churches in Indiana and are happy to hand-deliver the signs.

Due to gas costs and drive time, a delivery fee will be calculated based on your location.

You are also welcome to come to the shop to pick it up! Terran would love to meet you.

Ready to Discuss Your Sign?

Terran Marks - The Blacksmith - Brown County Forge

The best way to reach Terran to discuss your sign options is by email:

You are also welcome to call the shop: 812-269-6350.

To reach him during business hours, please call between 11 AM – 5 PM Tuesday – Saturday.

If it’s after 5 PM or on a Sunday or Monday, please leave a message with:

  • Your name
  • Your number
  • The church the sign is for

He’ll get back to you within 24 hours to set up a meeting.

Looking forward to working with you!

Blacksmith Starter Kit

Blacksmith Starter Kit - Brown County Forge

Looking for a blacksmith starter kit with exactly what you need and nothing you don’t?

You’re in luck!

I talk about the basics of blacksmithing every week in class at Brown County Forge.

We go over skills and techniques, but spend real time talking about essential equipment. That’s what we’ll cover in this post and where to buy it.

For your own kit, you’ll have three main options:

  • Option 1: Order a forge, anvil, and tongs from Vevor for $315 – $492. Pick up hammer and steel separately.
  • Option 2: Have a professional blacksmith starter kit shipped directly to you. Price of $1395 includes name brand equipment, complete training course, and material to get started.
  • Option 3: Go the DIY route and use the resources below to build your own. Costs currently range from $600 – $985.

Option 1: Order a Vevor Forge, Anvil, and Tong set

Scroll through the images above and click to see details about each.

Vevor is a low cost, quality equipment provider that specializes in equipment and tools.

  • 24/7 Customer service.
  • 30-Day Returns.
    • This is great for heavy equipment like forges and anvils.
  • Fast, secure delivery with multiple warehouses across the U.S.

The 2 setup options we recommend:

  1. Two Burner Gas Forge with Tongs and Gloves and the 132 lb. Anvil - $492
  2. Single Burner Burner Gas Forge with Tongs and Gloves and the 88 lb. Anvil - $315

These are the lowest cost options to get started.

Use our link and get 2% Off Sitewide.

OPTION 2: Have a Professional Kit Shipped to You

NC Tool Co Whisper Baby Forge - Starter Kit - Brown County Forge

The kit we provide includes:

  • NC Tool Company Gas Forge
  • 70 lb. NC Tool Company Anvil (happy to discuss pricing on larger sizes and different brands)
  • German Pattern Cross Peen Blacksmith's Hammer - 2.2 lbs.
  • 12-inch Wolf Jaw Tongs
  • Railroad Spikes for Simple Knife Making
  • BONUS #1: Online Training for how to set everything up and make your first projects. 55+ video lessons and printable guides.
  • BONUS #2: The DIY BlacksmithingĀ  Book (Amazon best seller) for those who prefer to read a guide from beginning to end.
  • BONUS #3: DIY Knife Making: How to Make Bushcraft Knives. This full-color guide lays out how to start making knives for less money.

Price: $1395 - includes shipping to your door, complete online training, and access to professional smiths to help with any questions.

To get started with your kit order, please contact us directly at

If you're interested in putting together your own DIY version, keep reading!

Option 3: The DIY Option

The equipment you need to get started blacksmithing comes down to 4 items:

  • Forge - How you heat the metal.
  • Anvil - Where you shape the metal.
  • Hammer - What you shape the metal with.
  • Tongs - How you hold the metal.

How Much Should a Kit Cost?

Let's break down the items in the DIY blacksmith starter kit by price.

Forge - From $160.50 (free shipping) to $375 (plus shipping)

Blacksmith Starter Kit - Brown County Forge

Your forge will be one of the most expensive pieces to buy.

The forge I use is the Knifemaker Economy forge by Majestic Forge (seen above).

It costs $375 (the price recently went up $50) and ships for around $50 depending on how far you live from Sugar Grove, Ohio.

Available Here

Why I like it:

  • Two burners - It gets up to heat quickly.
  • Compact - It doesn't take up a lot of space.
  • Easy to set up - Takes about 10 minutes right out of the package.
  • Ships fast - I ordered it on a Tuesday and had it 2-3 days later.

A second, less expensive option is this Double Burner from Laredo Blacksmiths:

Blacksmith Starter Kit Forge - Brown County Forge

Anvil - $345 - $450+ (varies by retailer)

Click to view on Amazon

The anvil I use in the shop is a 70 pound NC Tool Company brand anvil.

I own two of them and they're each responsible for thousands of projects.

Why I like them:

  • Movable - You can move one of them on your own. No need to call a friend.
  • Inexpensive - At under $350 or $5 per pound, it's a great deal.
  • Durable - Mine have seen heavy student use over the years.

Hammer - $28

Your hammer really doesn't need to cost a whole lot.

Blacksmith's Hammer - Brown County Forge - Terran Marks

If you find a hammer that weighs between 2 and 3 pounds at a flea market or yard sale for a dollar, buy it.

Your main concern is overall weight and then handle length preference.

For my money, and the hammer I use every day, I go with a 2.5-pound Vaughan Cross Peen. I bought the one you see above on Amazon for $28 in 2011. (Find here on Amazon)

I could lose all of my other equipment, but if I lost that hammer I'd be very sad.

Tongs - $40.50

I use Centaur Forge's 3/8-inch V-Bit Bolt Tongs nearly every day.

They're good all around tongs useful for flat stock, square bar, and round bar.

Total Kit Cost (before shipping): $574 - $984.94

Where to Buy Each Item

Your Laredo Blacksmiths forge can be securely purchased on eBay through the photo and link above. For the Majestic Forge double burner forge I use go to:

Your anvil should be purchased from Centaur Forge to get the best price on shipping - Also available on Amazon here.

The hammer can be picked up on Amazon.

Your tongs will come straight from Centaur Forge as well -

Want to Learn How to Use It All?

I'd be happy to show you the basics of blacksmithing.

The online DIY Blacksmithing Course I created covers everything you need to know to get started.

  • What to look for in an anvil and where to buy one.
  • 55+ video lessons.
  • Everything about hammers and tongs.
  • Proper metal temperature.
  • Knife making - forged and stock removal. (Includes handling.)
  • Answers to common questions from years of teaching blacksmithing.

Check out the Free Preview by Clicking Below:

DIY Blacksmithing Online Course - Blacksmith Classes

I'm also happy to answer any questions you might have:


Terran Marks - The Blacksmith - Brown County Forge

Terran Marks - owner, Brown County Forge