Sword Sharpening Service in Indiana

Did you know that Brown County Forge offers a sword sharpening service?

[Updated for 2024]

Terran the Blacksmith is happy to sharpen any bladed tool from knives to axes to longswords.

Sword Sharpening Service in Indiana

Sharpening a Katana

Bloomington local David brought in seven Japanese swords for sharpening earlier this fall (2023).

They shipped from Japan with blunted edges to make importing simpler, but having them stateside without sharpened edges didn’t seem quite right.

After a few hours and approximately a week turnaround time, the seven katanas were sharpened and ready to go.

Sharpening a Katana

Sharpening a Longsword

Sword Sharpening Service Indiana - Brown County Forge

Beck brought in his longsword in June 2019.

His goal was to have it competition-ready with a clean edge and a new polish.

The sword is almost four feet long from pommel to point.

The Sword Sharpening Process

Sword Sharpener Indiana - Brown County Forge

First, Terran assesses the condition of the blade.

He observes these key points:

  • Any chips or hairline fractures.
  • Bluntness along the length of the blade.
  • Nicks and gouges on the flat of the blade.
  • Any visible rust.

Beck’s blade (the longsword above) was well-cared for so all it needed was a sharpen and polish.

To get it ready for competition, Terran follows these steps:

  1. Hand-filing the edge from hilt to point. Maintaining a micro-bevel along the length of long blades takes practice and patience.
  2. Any marks and scratches are polished out using finer and finer grits of sandpaper.
Sharpening a Cutlass
Assessing a Coast Guard cutlass to be sharpened – 2023

Next Day Service

The sword is ready for pickup the next day.

Most bladed tools will be ready within a few hours. If you arrange to drop it off in the morning, it will be ready by afternoon.

Axes or knives in very poor condition may take longer. Terran is happy to provide quotes on costs and timelines.

How Much Does It Cost?

Sharpening swords properly takes time. For a sword like Beck’s that is in good shape, it will take an hour or so.

The shop hourly rate is $45 per hour for most services.

There is a sliding scale depending on exactly what you need done and your budget.

The most important thing to Terran is that you have a functional edged tool.

Shipping a Sword for Sharpening

Depending on where you are in the United States, shipping your sword for sharpening may be your best option.

Terran recommends using USPS for better rates compared to FedEx.

FedEx is a good provider when it comes to overnight, express shipments, but is usually too expensive for everyday items.

If you need help with packaging, send Terran an email. He’s happy to provide ideas.

*The cost to ship your sword is your responsibility both ways. We recommend insurance up to the replacement value of the sword.

Sword Sharpening Blacksmith - Brown County Forge

Want to Learn More About Blades?

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