Knife Course Welcome

Welcome to the How to Make Your First Knife course!

How to Make Your First Knife Course Welcome

In this short welcome section, we’ll talk about what you can expect.

The course is divided into sections based on the knife making process.

These sections are presented in order so you can start and stop as you work through them.

Throughout each section, you will find links to tools, supplies, and other helpful resources.

As a partner with Amazon and Online Metals, this course contains affiliate links for which I may be compensated.

Course Contents

  • Knife Steels
    • There are a handful of knife steels that are easy to find and work well for home knife making.
    • We’ll take the guesswork out of what types to use and where to find them.
  • Tools for Knife Making

    • We’ll look at two methods of making knives:
      • With power tools
      • Without power tools
  • Grinding and Shaping Knife Profiles
    • In this section, we’ll go step-by-step through the process of turning a bar of steel into the knife shape you want.
    • A PDF knife template is provided.
  • Heat Treating Knives
    • Let’s take the mystery out of how to harden and temper steel.
    • We’ll walk through how to get hardening temperatures without a forge or expensive welding torch.
  • Handle Making and Finishing
    • This is where woodworking comes in.
    • We’ll talk about the simple tools we can use to make knife handles and how to attach them for years of use.
  • Bonus Knife Types to Try – Coming Soon

    • Throughout the course we’ll focus on one simple knife type, but this section will show 6 more types that are beginner-friendly.
    • Want to make a chef’s knife? Use the free template to do it.
    • These bonuses are available at the end of the course material.
  • Course Wrap-up and Thank You
    • We’ll close out with a short section talking about what you’ve made and where you can take it next.
    • Thank you for joining the How to Make Your First Knife course!

-Terran Marks, Owner/Blacksmith – Brown County Forge

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